The National Benefit Authority Gives The Facts on Tourette Syndrome and Disability Tax Benefits

People with disabilities can get a great deal of assistance from agencies like The National Benefit Authority when they decide to apply for the tax benefits from the Canadian government for which they are eligible. If a disability markedly restricts a person’s ability to complete the basic activities of daily living, that person has the right to receive tax credits and join various benefit programs that ease the burden of their disability.

The problem is that many people with conditions like Tourette syndrome do not even realize that they qualify. Some of these people may have even been told by a medical authority that their condition does not qualify for benefit programs because they are still able to work, as many people with Tourette syndrome do. While many disabilities do keep people from working, this is not necessarily a requirement for the Disability Tax Credit and other programs.

The Facts on Tourette Syndrome and Disability Tax Benefits

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, you are likely entitled to receive disability benefits from the Canadian government. Tourette syndrome involves involuntary movements or other involuntary actions, including verbal tics. The most well-known form of Tourette syndrome is the type which causes the afflicted individual to have loud, uncontrollable vocal tics including screams, unintelligible sounds, curse words and other inappropriate language. This is a very rare incarnation of this disability, however. More commonly, Tourette syndrome manifests itself with physical tics like muscle spasms and some light verbal tics. These symptoms often come on in childhood and worsen as the patient grows into his or her teens and adult years.

People who are victims of this condition have treatment options available to help make life easier. There are tax benefits available to ease the burden of treatment and other expenses related to the disability for patients and their caregivers. You will need a doctor to diagnose the condition and confirm that it restricts your daily living, and agencies such as The National Benefit Authority will make sure you get the maximum benefits that you deserve. It is important to seek treatment as quickly as possible, especially if the disorder has recently been diagnosed, since it can lead to other conditions if left untreated.

If you don’t fully understand your condition and the steps that must be taken to apply for disability tax benefits, organizations like The National Benefit Authority can help.

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